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Posting Rules & Guidelines updated with new prefix [UPDATED : 5th September 2018]

Listed here are a few general guidelines to improve your MD browsing experience.
  • Before uploading any video. Use the Search feature to check whether the video has been uploaded already to MasalaDesi or not. If you fail to do so, your upload might be removed/merged with existing threads. Repeated offenders will attract infractions and/or a permanent ban from both Xossip & MasalaDesi.
    Note: Please check these search tips and tricks
  • MD makes it mandatory for users to upload caps along with every video they post. However DO NOT post any wrong caps with your video! This will lead to infractions and a ban for repeat offenders. Post caps should show the actual resolution of the video and/or a clear thumbnail showing actual resolution.
  • Please DO NOT increase the size of a video just for the sake of earnings. Such practices are not encouraged at MD and will lead to infractions and a permanent ban for repeat offenders.
  • Do not post multiple clips in one post. Use one post for a clip and attach caps taken from that clip. It is fine, if you post multiple part files of same clip in one post. But posting two different videos in the same post is not allowed.
  • Child pornography and other explicit illegal material (eg. gore, real life rapes etc) is not only disallowed, but abhorred at Any member found posting links to, or actively discussing child pornography will be banned without warning.
  • Any video containing any underage content (kid, baby, etc.) in any form is prohibited and will lead to infraction if posted.
  • Bestiality is also not allowed. Do not upload or post links to any files which may be against the law in any manner.
  • Its better to add full screen shot/caps of the video than single shot/frame of the video.
  • Do Not post copyrighted videos, Full length main stream (Except B-Grade) movies , copyrighted porn, etc.
  • In case of copyright issue, We reserve the rights to remove any video without giving any notice to uploader. We will only inform uploader about reason after deletion.
  • Do not post incomplete files links @ Xossip, post them with proper caps.
  • Please Do Not post picture slide show as video, instead of that post them as pictures @ Xossip using
  • It is mandatory to mention the duration of the video while posting. Either mention the duration or attach a timeline thumbnail. Otherwise the thread will be deemed Incomplete.
  • Porn trailers are not allowed.
  • Do not post any videos without valid file extension. File extensions examples are .avi, .mp4, .3gp, .flv, .mkv etc which identify the file/program associated with the video. Make sure the file you uploaded in filesflash has valid file extension. You can always rename the file in filesflash with appropriate file extension without having to re-upload the video.
  • Do not post colored videos. Such videos will be removed without notice.
  • XP Xclusive videos are not allowed unless it is posted by the owner. It will be removed if posted by others.
  • Please DO NOT upload existing videos on MD compiled into one for the sake of earnings, Such compilations will be removed without notice.
  • Always Use the Post Links link while posting your videos in Xossip, please do not use the threadID for this purpose
  • Please use the Report post button (see the attachment below) to report any rule violations, including videos with wrong/fake caps or duplicate post ( same videos posted earlier). One of our MDTF will take care of it ASAP.
  • For downloading large files, it is recommended that you make use of a download manager, as you can always resume your download later.
  • If your video is missing/moved then probably it might have been removed/merged due to violation of forum rules and/or for duplication. Don't expect us to be contacting you for every single violation.
  • Please avoid uploading videos having other website/forum's logo in it.
  • Please DO NOT post and request any shareware/keygens/cracks/passwords or any hacked warez on MasalaDesi. You can only post video files.
  • Dubbed version of existing video is not allowed anymore. So once a video is posted, all other versions on any other language will be considered as repost. Such dubbed videos will be removed and will invite admonitory actions. This rule comes into effect immediately (from 05 Sep 2018).
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How do I post videos at MasalaDesi?

  1. Register @ FilesFlash by clicking here
  2. Upload your video files @ FilesFlash using anyone of the uploading method.
  3. Upload your caps/screenshots @ MasalaDesi from here
  4. Post them to MasalaDesi by clicking here
  5. Attach the caps using Manage Attachments and Copy the video link from Your Files
  6. Once you are done with editing, Click the Submit New Thread button to make your uploaded videos public.


** If either of caps or video file are missing the threads will lands in Incomplete Threads

How do i download videos from FilesFlash via MasalaDesi ?

Just click on the link provided in the thread and follow the steps either with Free / Premium account of your choice.

How do I make pics, screenshots of video?

How do i transfer my existing files on MasalaDesi to FilesFlash ?

To transfer your files,
1. Register at FilesFlash.
2. Go to FilesQuick->userCP->edit options. Scroll down to the bottom and enter your FF username.
3. Relax.

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Post BBcode for Forums - MD forum's preferred method for Posting FilesFlash Download Link

Please post Filesflash BBcode for forums link instead of Filesflash direct download link, when posting your new videos.


1. Register at FilesFLASH.
2. Upload your file at FilesFLASH.
3. Click on My Files
4. Select your file.
5. On the FF screen like the one below, copy the highlighted text and paste in your new MD post.
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Cool New prefixes : What they mean to uploaders and downloaders

Users might have noticed new prefixes for a week now also there are few changes to the existing prefixes as well; this change was necessary to keep up with ever growing demand of quality content being posted in MD, regarding prefixes more or less every body is aware of the changes by now, and for those who don't have a clear idea follow this post carefully

Prefix changes:

Added in 'R'
[No Nudity Category]

  • Marathi
  • Gujarati/Rajasthani
  • Short Films
  • Voyeur/Candid

Added in 'X' [Semi or Full Nude NO Explicit Sex]
  • Desi X
  • Asian X
Changes in 'XXX' [Hardcore Explicit Sex]
  • New prefix - Xclusive
  • New prefix - Desi Amateur
  • New prefix - Arab Amateur
  • New prefix - Other Amateur
  • Fantasy rape videos has been moved to Fetish/BSDM and the prefix has been removed
  • Professional prefix has been renamed to Pornography
  • Asian prefix has been renamed to Asian XXX

Added in HD -
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • TV Snippets has been splited to Desi TV Snippets & Videsi TV Snippets
  • HD Regional has been renamed as Other Regional

Details of new/changed prefixes -

  • ('R') Short Films - Full length or Clips, compilations, hot scenes from Short Films
  • ('R') Voyeur/Candid/Hiddencam - No nudity amateur Kissing/smooching, candid captures, voyeur, groping videos, non-nude/bikini videos in public etc goes here.
  • ('X') Desi X - Amateur Desi videos that are not "hardcore" (no explicit sex) these videos should be posted here. Example - Bathing, stripping, couple recording boobshow on cam etc.
  • ('X') Asian X - Softcore stuffs from Asian films (Eg. Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
  • ('XXX') Xclusive - Can be used only by the Xossip Xclusive Posters to post their clips
  • ('XXX') Desi Amateur - Merged previous homemade, webcam, hiddencam prefixes,
  • ('XXX') Arab Amateur - Middle Eastern amateur videos
  • ('XXX') Other Amateur - Any NON DESI & NON ARAB amateur hardcore video
  • ('XXX') Pornography - Previously professional prefix now renamed, Since Copyright issues have always plagued this prefix, Uploaders are warned to be careful with their videos, any complaints received on any video in this section would be removed immediately without any notice
  • ('XXX') Asian XXX - Hardcore stuffs from Asian films (Eg. Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
  • Marathi, Gujarati/Rajasthani, HD Tamil, HD Telugu - Self explanatory.
  • Other Regional - Regional HQ Videos that don't find appropriate prefix can be put in here, e.g. Bhojpuri, Oriya/Bengali HQ videos.
  • Desi TV Snippets - All Desi HDTV Snippets & Shows go here but no nudity is allowed.
  • Videsi TV Snippets - All Videsi HDTV Snippets & Shows go here, including adult ones.

Difference b/w Desi Amateur , Arab Amateur & Other Amateur
  • Desi - Desi Indian + Pakistani + Bangladeshi + Srilankan Videos
  • Arab - Middle East, any video with hijabi content
  • Other - Everything else (including Nepali and interracial threesomes). We have seen Thai, Chinese and other Asian videos posted as North east, Nepali, etc now use Other amateur
1. Uploaders are requested to make use of the prefixes properly
2. Moderators have the right to move a desi looking video [mostly videos with no audio] posted as desi to one of the other amateur prefixes or M
isc X, depending upon the content that deems to be in the appropriate prefix. If you feel the decision was wrong you can contact MDTF or post in HRBC.
3. Don't post Latin, Brazilian, Asian, Dark haired videos as NRI and Desi . Anyone who repeatedly posts with wrong prefix or fakes non desi video as desi will be infracted / banned.
4. The rest of the prefixes that has remained same will be continued to be defined the way it was in


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We hope that these changes will benefit the MD user community. A big thanks to all up-loaders, users, fellow MDTF, and of course the forum admin. If uploaders have any doubts regarding any prefix post in this thread to get your prefix doubts cleared and hoping that you guys will embrace new prefixes and upload in those too with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Users are requested to use the HRBC thread for prefix changes for any video/thread that might have been wrongly prefixed in the process of prefix transition from old to new, MDTF's will consider it on thread to thread basis and appropriate prefixes will be added.


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Complete description of the prefixes can be found HERE.

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