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Originally Posted by skoar_virus View Post
to Godpa

1.) unlike FQ , where uploaders were given incentives in a way to again download within FQ , which is the best option , FF doesnt have such option , as its another filehost
you can convert earnings into subscription.
2.) Members like me who have about 7GB FQ bandwidth , accumulated over years will go wasted , if all videos are moved to FF , and even a 1GB=1 day premium account in FF is way too low , since
i.) FQ as we all know contains mostly of small files , video clips ranging from 1mb to 100MB average , and for me and many others selectively download videos and save our bandwidth , so trying to download as much as in one day is near to waste
others are saying that this is much better. to each his own. whatever scheme we come up with, some people will not like it.
ii.) If something goes worng on that particular day , there is no return , like say a power failure , or system corruption or even broadband failure...
even on FQ there is no return for wasted b/w. it seems you are raising issue just for the sake of argument.
3.) since i am a long member here and know how long we have been searching for alternate payment methods , this deal is purely for site sake and leaves nothing for members , who have been contributing to FQ for long time. i am not saying , site should make money , but FQ now is jsut a window into one particular filehost
FQ was always a window into a single host. earlier that host was FQ, now it is FF.

4.) please expalin this "Uploaders can now earn not only the facility of downloading other files but also some money."
FF shows your earnings as US$. You can either receive that money or convert it to subscription. (or both)
5.) can you make a deal to provide GB based download ... this way we can have similar FQ kind of download , which will be useful for desi members... time based is not preferred , as we have discussed it many times in XB
believe me, this was the first question I asked to 'n' number of filehosts. No one is interested in giving this facility.
Please godpa , we can wait , we will wait , this deal is not in favor of members , please reconsider ,
you may want to wait longer, but others feel that we have waited too long already and I agree.
we know FQ is one of the best place to find and share rarest videos ... by this deal , we are making FQ a non exclusive place...
the quality of FQ is not dependant on where the videos are stored. it is dependant on the uploaders and moderators.
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