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Cool New prefixes : What they mean to uploaders and downloaders

Users might have noticed new prefixes for a week now also there are few changes to the existing prefixes as well; this change was necessary to keep up with ever growing demand of quality content being posted in MD, regarding prefixes more or less every body is aware of the changes by now, and for those who don't have a clear idea follow this post carefully

Prefix changes:

Added in 'R'
[No Nudity Category]

  • Marathi
  • Gujarati/Rajasthani
  • Short Films
  • Voyeur/Candid

Added in 'X' [Semi or Full Nude NO Explicit Sex]
  • Desi X
  • Asian X
Changes in 'XXX' [Hardcore Explicit Sex]
  • New prefix - Xclusive
  • New prefix - Desi Amateur
  • New prefix - Arab Amateur
  • New prefix - Other Amateur
  • Fantasy rape videos has been moved to Fetish/BSDM and the prefix has been removed
  • Professional prefix has been renamed to Pornography
  • Asian prefix has been renamed to Asian XXX

Added in HD -
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • TV Snippets has been splited to Desi TV Snippets & Videsi TV Snippets
  • HD Regional has been renamed as Other Regional

Details of new/changed prefixes -

  • ('R') Short Films - Full length or Clips, compilations, hot scenes from Short Films
  • ('R') Voyeur/Candid/Hiddencam - No nudity amateur Kissing/smooching, candid captures, voyeur, groping videos, non-nude/bikini videos in public etc goes here.
  • ('X') Desi X - Amateur Desi videos that are not "hardcore" (no explicit sex) these videos should be posted here. Example - Bathing, stripping, couple recording boobshow on cam etc.
  • ('X') Asian X - Softcore stuffs from Asian films (Eg. Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
  • ('XXX') Xclusive - Can be used only by the Xossip Xclusive Posters to post their clips
  • ('XXX') Desi Amateur - Merged previous homemade, webcam, hiddencam prefixes,
  • ('XXX') Arab Amateur - Middle Eastern amateur videos
  • ('XXX') Other Amateur - Any NON DESI & NON ARAB amateur hardcore video
  • ('XXX') Pornography - Previously professional prefix now renamed, Since Copyright issues have always plagued this prefix, Uploaders are warned to be careful with their videos, any complaints received on any video in this section would be removed immediately without any notice
  • ('XXX') Asian XXX - Hardcore stuffs from Asian films (Eg. Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
  • Marathi, Gujarati/Rajasthani, HD Tamil, HD Telugu - Self explanatory.
  • Other Regional - Regional HQ Videos that don't find appropriate prefix can be put in here, e.g. Bhojpuri, Oriya/Bengali HQ videos.
  • Desi TV Snippets - All Desi HDTV Snippets & Shows go here but no nudity is allowed.
  • Videsi TV Snippets - All Videsi HDTV Snippets & Shows go here, including adult ones.

Difference b/w Desi Amateur , Arab Amateur & Other Amateur
  • Desi - Desi Indian + Pakistani + Bangladeshi + Srilankan Videos
  • Arab - Middle East, any video with hijabi content
  • Other - Everything else (including Nepali and interracial threesomes). We have seen Thai, Chinese and other Asian videos posted as North east, Nepali, etc now use Other amateur
1. Uploaders are requested to make use of the prefixes properly
2. Moderators have the right to move a desi looking video [mostly videos with no audio] posted as desi to one of the other amateur prefixes or M
isc X, depending upon the content that deems to be in the appropriate prefix. If you feel the decision was wrong you can contact MDTF or post in HRBC.
3. Don't post Latin, Brazilian, Asian, Dark haired videos as NRI and Desi . Anyone who repeatedly posts with wrong prefix or fakes non desi video as desi will be infracted / banned.
4. The rest of the prefixes that has remained same will be continued to be defined the way it was in


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