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Originally Posted by Jimmytm View Post
Kal Kisney Dekha ?? !! FQ was looking for payment processor since so long but finally ended up colaborating .. !!
and free users sucks 2 videos per day : P lolzzzz.. FQ was the best Thing There were so many other ways to accept payment to be Honest .. Colaborating is not a solution until you own that website too !!
Anyways its done .. !! Phewww.. Lets c but it will be just like you are posting your pics on a pic hosting service and uploading your video on any other file hosting like rapidshare filesonic and placing in it a forum .. So How Unique Will FQ be From Now !!
who said two videos per day? if you have to time to sit and wait for the timer to count down, you can download lots of videos free.
Cannot think of anything witty right now.
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