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Argument never ends you know .. I just wanna enlight that FQ was a file upload and download forum in itself and from now on its just another forum .. what will stand out fq from now on ??
Do You Own FF ?? If yes then its cool and if now whats the guarantee thats it wont shut down like every other new file hosts gets after few months or year or two ..
Getting My Point ??

And Me Myself ..
* Members with zero bandwith cant download ( agree ) but can we gift bandwith now in FF ??
* Options Colaborating is never an Option ..
* Every Forums Gets Moderated ...

And GodFather.. i agree with your point .. it was to be an Hour Instead Of Day My Mistake ..
But there are always other options instead of what FF got implemented.. Anyways I am finishing My Bandwith Now Because it will get wasted as there were no time limit in FQ and FF will Have Time Limit ..
Therefore whats the use of the current Bandwith ..
Also How Will You Balance out the features earn bandwith
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