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Allow me to present to you a new player on the filehosting scene -

As you all know, filesquick has not had a payment processor for a long time. Also, as the site is growing, we are finding it difficult to buy more servers for storage of so many files. Therefore, we have decided to store all our videos at is no different from the various file hosting services prevalent on the internet nowadays. What this means, among other things, is that:

1. You can buy time based subscriptions for very little money and download as much as you want in that time.
2. People who are on slow connections and do not want to download too many files can opt for the free option which is slower and has less features, but is more than adequate for sparse usage.
3. Uploaders can now earn not only the facility of downloading other files but also some money.
4. Uploaders can use remote upload to directly transfer files from other websites to FF. They are also testing a multi-upload client (think FQ uploader on steroids, inside a browser) but that is not publicly enabled yet.

I am sure you will find this change to be beneficial all around.

Let me anticipate a few questions and answer them:

Tell me 'this' or 'that' about

FilesFlash is a new file hosting site. They are a general file host not restricted to videos only, but we will be using them only for videos. You may upload all kinds of files and post their links on other sites, but please post only videos at FQ.

You can read more about their terms and schemes on their site. We can probably answer many of your queries about their service, so feel free to ask, but we cannot replace their support team. For specific help and support, you will need to use their contact form.

So I cannot upload videos to FQ anymore?

You can continue to post videos like always, but you must upload the file to FF. Video file uploading at FQ will be disabled. You will only be able to upload jpeg, gif and png files to FQ.

How will FQ change to accommodate this?

The only change at FQ is that FF url's are allowed (earlier all url were disabled). Thus, you can now upload your videos at filesflash and post the links at filesquick. Images can be posted via attachments as always. As always, threads will be viewable by all only after you post at least one image and one video.

All the other things like categories, search, moderations, rules etc will remain the same.

What about the old videos which already exist at FQ?

These videos will also be transferred to FF shortly. The process will be automatic and you need not do anything except tell FQ about your FF account. You can do this in the UserCP at FQ. We expect this process to start in 3 days.

Hey, if there are no videos at FQ, what use will be my bandwidth balance?

The videos at FQ are not gone as yet. You can continue to download them while they are here. No downloads in progress will be interrupted during the transfer. All downloads which have already started will be allowed to finish.

Moreover, you can get FF subscriptions in exchange of FQ bandwidth at the rate of 1 month FF subscription for 15 GB bandwidth or a 1 day subscription for 1 GB bandwidth. The process will be controlled by you and you can do this when you wish. This is obviously a very fair exchange as you can download much more than 1 GB in a day at FF.

Sounds good for the uploaders, downloaders and freeloaders, but what does FQ get out of this?

FQ gets a commission on every subscription sold through FQ.


Automatic file transferring from FQ to FF is now live.

To transfer your files,
1. Register at filesflash.
2. Go to FilesQuick->userCP->edit options. Scroll down to the bottom and enter your FF username.
3. relax.

To Register At FilesFlash

Transfer FQ bandwidth to FilesFlash Premium

To transfer your bandwidth into corresponding FF subscriptions visit *url removed*

Once you generate a coupon code, go to My Account page on and click on Apply Coupon. Copy the coupon code given above and paste it into the 'Enter coupon code:' field at and click the Submit button. Your FilesFlash account's 'premium upto' time will be extended.

Feel free to ask more questions. You can also give suggestions and feedback which we will pass on to the FF team.
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