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1. All contestants with at least one valid entry will get 100 rep points for participation. This is not applicable for users who win higher reps for any of the following. But points for reporting is applicable for all.

2. Prizes for top 3 contestants

Winner : 7500 reps + (Gold Medallist Dibba) + 30 Days FF Coupon.
1st Runner up: 5000 reps + (Silver Medallist Dibba)+ 7 Days FF Coupon.
2nd Runner up : 3500 reps + (Bronze Medallist Dibba) + 7 Days FF Coupon.

3. Winner of Highest point from Judges (section wise) will get 1000 reputations each.

4. Among the contestants who post in MD for the first time during the contest, the user who gets maximum points at the end of the contest will get a special prize of 1000 rep points for being the best new comer

5. Xclusive posters will get 500 reps for each and every valid entry they make under the "Xclusive" prefix.

6. A special prize of 3000 reps would be awarded for any user who posts valid videos on all prefixes under all sections (except Xclusive) in MD

7. Users who would report reposts/wrong links/corrupt files etc will also be awarded with rep points on the following basis.

Reports for reposts/rules violation like UA : 25 reps for each ordinary reports.
(50 reps for reports for repost with original link)
P.S. Reps will be awarded only if the report is a valid one. The final decision rests with the organizers. Preferably all the reports are to be done in MD using the reporting feature or post the report in rules thread of XP.

Remember, lots of downloads meaning lots of Filesflash points. So all posters in MD can also get tons of things to buy from online shopping. Hence posting in MD is a fast, free and easy way to earn cash in that sense.

In order to be fair and to give chance to others, admin team has decided that previous contest winners holding dibba will not be awarded the Winner prize even if they win,
the prize will be given to next best entry.

Schedule for Entry

1. Week 1 - 12/08/2018 00.01 IST to 18/08/2018 23:59 IST

2.Week 2 - 19/08/2018 00.01 IST to 25/08/2018 23:59 IST

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